Welcome Aboard to Tulsa USNA Alumni Chapter!

Your Tulsa Chapter serves the east side of Oklahoma. For our size, we are very active and mighty and encourage you to participate!

Our signature event every other year is hosting the Navy/Tulsa Football Game! Our Chapter organizes the Friday night dinner before the game. Here, we host dignitaries and fans from both schools, Washington D.C. and surrounding state as we celebrate this great rivalry. We are also very integrated with the Oklahoma USNA Parents Club and are very proud to embrace them in their new Navy family as we team up with them and our Blue and Gold Team to recruit the finest Midshipmen at Annapolis.

Your Tulsa Chapter is a philanthropic chapter with our own USNA Tulsa Chapter Fund (part of the Tulsa Community Foundation). Through our Fund, our members and friends can make tax free donation to help Tulsa area students participate in USNA programs and support local veterans service organizations, as well USNA or Navy related endeavors. We are also proud plank owners and sponsors of the USS Tulsa (LCS-16).

Additional events include our January Luncheon with Midshipmen and future Midshipman (with their parents), Annual Founders Luncheon at the Summit Club, Army Navy Game Party, hockey and baseball games. To help defray our expenses, we collect annual dues. To be considered a voting member of the chapter, we ask that you pay $25.00 per year collected between January 1 and February 28.  Just click here to join! https://www.usna.com/tulsa-chapter-membership

If you have any questions about the chapter activities or have suggestion on ways to improve the alumni experience, please fee free to let us know.